Rodent Rundown: Keeping These Dangerous Pests Away From Your Lancaster Property

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Rats and mice are some of the most destructive and dangerous types of pests commonly found inside Lancaster homes. Their agility and athleticism allow them to climb, crawl, and jump through various areas of your home without you being aware. 

If you think that you have recently seen a rodent in your home, don't panic; 1st Response Pest Control is here to help. We have been providing pest control in Lancaster for years. When it comes to rodent infestations, there is nothing that our experienced technicians haven't seen before. We know the best way to keep you safe from destructive and disease-ridden rodents. 

Signs Of Infestation: How To Identify Rodent Activity

Rats and mice are similar to each other. They both have long, slender bodies covered in fur and typically have a long, furless tails. They can also chew through almost any material and are excellent climbers. They also tend to leave the same signs if they invade your home. Some of the telltale signs of a rodent infestation that you might notice in your home include:

  • Medium-sized holes chewed through food packages
  • Small to medium-sized holes in your walls, furniture, and clothing
  • Finding shredded paper, cardboard, cloth, and other soft materials used for bedding
  • Seeing gnaw marks on your walls
  • Finding rodent droppings around your home

Both mice and rats tend to have bad eyesight. They can typically only see a few inches in front of them. Because of their poor eyesight, these rodents usually run alongside a wall or some other long, sturdy object. Over time, their dirty bodies will start to make dark-brown rub marks along the walls. If you see these markings around your home, there is a good chance you have had rodents in your home for a long time. 

Health Risks And Property Damage: Rodents Can Create Many Problems

Rodents are destructive and dangerous to have around. Both mice and rats can carry and spread a wide range of diseases and viruses. They will typically spread these diseases to you by leaving their urine and feces around your home. Some illnesses you can catch from a rodent infestation include hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, trichinosis, and rat-bite fever. They are also known to carry around ticks and fleas and could bring a second pest infestation into your home if they invade your property. 

Rodents are constantly chewing on things. Their teeth are one of their most prominent tools. They will not only chew on your clothing, food, drywall, and ceiling, but they will also sneak into the area behind your walls and chew on your home's electrical wiring. If you notice that some of your electrical components are not working correctly, you should have your electrical systems inspected as soon as possible. Wire damage caused by rodents could be a potential fire hazard. 

Rodent Exclusion Tips: Safeguard Your Property From Infestations

There are a few quick and easy things that you can do to keep rodents out of your home. Some of the best ways to prevent a rodent infestation in your home include:

  • Keep all dry food in a metal or glass-sealable container
  • Don't leave fresh produce out in the open
  • Remove any clutter from your home to eliminate hiding spots
  • Seal any holes that you find around your home

Rodents are able to reproduce at an incredibly fast rate. You should call a professional rodent control specialist at the first sign of a rodent invasion to minimize any damage and prevent a severe infestation. 

Professional Rodent Control: The Most Effective Elimination Solution

If you see rodents around your home, don't hesitate to call our home pest control professionals at 1st Response Pest Control. We can quickly and effectively eliminate all rodents from your Lancaster home. Contact us for a free quote!

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