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Whether spiders have snuck into your bathroom or rodents are nesting in your attic, nothing good ever comes from having pests in your house. At best, they are a nuisance that disrupts your life. At worst, they sicken or injure your family and damage your home to the point of disrepair. No matter what type of pest gets into your Lancaster home, you need to do something quickly to get rid of the problem before it can get worse.

1st Response Pest Control provides Lancaster and the surrounding areas with quality, experienced pest control. As a licensed, bonded, and insured company, we are ready to take care of all your residential pest problems using proven solutions that are safe for your family and pets. Our focus is always on providing our customers with the best pest control services in Lancaster, CA possible, which means you can count on us to deliver the results you need for a comfortable, safe, and pest-free home.

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Our Home Pest Control

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If you need pest control, you need 1st Response Pest Control. We can provide you with a free estimate right over the phone and can schedule an inspection at the same time. Because we are a customer-focused business, we work hard to make sure all of your pest problems are taken care of. That starts by taking time to carefully inspect your property so that all pest activity and potential pest problems are identified.

As soon as we arrive at your property, we’ll begin to look at sidewalks, rooflines, openings, gaps around doors, walls, gables, windows, water meter boxes, where plumbing and air conditioning lines go into the house, porches and porch lights, the foundation, garden beds, tree placements, and the crawl space, if accessible. While we look around, we look specifically for live pests, droppings, entry points, and conducive conditions.

Our first treatment eliminates pests that are active in and around your house, as well as provides protection for your house to prevent new infestations. Outside, we’ll treat around the perimeter of your foundation, along the edges of walkways, driveways, and patios, and sometimes along fence lines as well. We use a granular product on your lawn.

Inside, we’ll target key areas by spot treating sliding doors, door frames, windows, under sinks, and areas where pipes enter your house. We’ll also place bait and dust to target specific pest problems identified during our inspection.

We offer one-time treatments and maintenance plans. Our one-time treatments include a 30-day callback guarantee. Our maintenance plans include re-services that are done either monthly or bi-monthly. They are also backed by our unlimited callback guarantee.

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Our Additional Home Pest Control Services

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Our home pest control covers most common pests that are a problem in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. However, if you’re having a problem with one specific pest, we also offer several specialty pest control options that target certain pests. Read more about these services below and by visiting our service pages.

Ant Control

While many do-it-yourself ant control treatments use one product to treat any type of ant problem, at 1st Response Pest Control, we take a different approach. We start by inspecting your property to identify the species of ants causing problems around your home and where they’re spending time. We then tailor a treatment plan to target your specific ant problem.

German Cockroach Control

Finding cockroaches in your home is something to be seriously concerned about. However, it’s not something to stay worried about. Instead, you should take action by contacting 1st Response Pest Control. We offer comprehensive german cockroach control services to fully eliminate your cockroach problem.

Spider Control

A spider problem usually originates outside your house before moving indoors. If you have a lot of spiders hanging around, 1st Response Pest Control will treat your house to help take care of the issue indoors, as well as provide preventative treatments to stop spiders from getting inside.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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Detailed Inspection

We begin our home pest control with a detailed inspection of the exterior and interior of your house. We have decades of experience in the pest control industry, so we know where to look and what to look for to identify pest activity, problems, entry points, and conducive conditions. Our inspection is an important part of the process because it alerts us to the areas where we need to focus our attention.

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Comprehensive Treatment

Our initial treatment of your home includes interior and exterior treatments. We’ll create a protective barrier around your house with an exterior perimeter treatment and treat a variety of other areas around your property. Inside, we focus on entry points and areas where pest activity or issues were identified during our inspection. If needed, we’ll place bait and dust hot spots.

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Guaranteed Follow-Ups

We provide one-time treatments or ongoing maintenance plans. If you choose a maintenance plan, we’ll return to your home either monthly or bi-monthly to re-treat it. Our maintenance plan also includes unlimited callbacks. Our one-time treatments include 30 days of callbacks following the treatment.

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When pests get into your house, you need a pest control company that will treat you with honest, trustworthy service that effectively eliminates the issue. 1st Response Pest Control provides customer-focused pest control that is safe for your family. We customize our services for each home we treat, using innovative methods and the most advanced technology to deliver the most effective results. For pest control you can feel good about, contact 1st Response Pest Control to request your free estimate and to learn more about our commercial pest control plans.

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